Recent Courses  

Leadership for Social Change: McNeill Fellows 

CSC 33001   Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

Taught with Melissa Marley Bonnichsen, Felicia Johnson-O’Brien, and Michael Hebbeler

This integrative two-semester course is a key component of the McNeill Fellowship at the Center for Social Concerns. The course fosters core competencies and skills to enhance leadership for social change.

Development and Moral Education in Adolescence — Edu 60455, Summer

This is a graduate course offered via the Institute for Educational Initiatives for ACE teachers entering their second year. We examine cognitive and moral theory and means to foster ethical development among youth. The students are creative and committed, and I enjoy working with the other faculty who teach additional sections of the course.

Community Engagement and Public Scholarship in Higher Education: Integrating Learning and Social Responsibility in the Academy

CSC 63954, GRED 63954, Psy 63668

This interactive seminar provides an opportunity for graduate students from all colleges to examine topics in the evolving field of community engagement and higher education. What is the public mission of colleges and universities? How may faculty incorporate new paradigms of teaching and research that address social challenges? What promising practices (within and beyond the classroom) integrate ethical responsibility and public scholarship? By what means might we assess the impact of such practices on learners, communities, and fields? How might knowledge of community engagement linked to disciplinary expertise be a faculty career catalyst? Such questions will be addressed through dialogue, experiential opportunities, and analyses in the context of each student’s professional trajectory. Resources will be drawn from higher education literature, learning theory, ethics, and discipline-specific writings. Students will have an opportunity to reflect on their sense of public mission and career potentials. Open to doctoral and master’s level students. Participation in the course fulfills requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Community Engagement and Public Scholarship. Contact the Center for Social Concerns for further information.

Leadership and Social Change — Psy 43247

This course has been offered for 15 years to student leaders engaged in efforts to promote social responsibility and social action.

Youth, Risk, and Resilience — Psy 23090 and CSC 23090

This experiential seminar grew out of a course I’ve offered on youth and poverty. Students engage for one week is New York City during spring break for direct learning from youth advocates and non-profit leaders.